Blue Boar Woodworking

Plane and Chisel sharpening

We offer to sharpen plane blades cutting them back to a primary 25° angle and then to a final 30° bevel. For this service simply remove the plane iron and cap iron from your plane and send to us carefully wrapped – remember they might still be sharp enough to hurt people.
If the plane is badly neglected we offer our plane restoration service when the sole plate and sides are completely de-rusted and the sole plate polished, The frog, cap iron and lever cap are cleaned and polished as necessary. The handles are removed and checked. If the handles are wooden and the varnish is in poor condition the old varnish is removed, the handle of oiled, a couple of coats of shellac are used to seal the handle before a final wax polish. For this service you will have to send the complete plane to us.
Note: We are not trying to produce ex factory restorations so we will not paint the body of the plane. Our restorations are to bring a plane back into a useful working condition – not for exhibition.
  • No 6 PlaneThis is a No 6 Stanley Jointing / Jack Plane bought on Ebay. It has been restored using the method in the box on the right of this page and has been used to good effect on our own projects.
  • No 5 half PlaneThis No 5 1/2 was bought and restored for our own use. I prefer the wider blade in this plane (and the 4 1/2 plane for that matter). I find the extra weight gives me better results and the No 4 and No 5 planes offer.
  • No 4 PlaneThis No 4 plane was bought on Ebay and restored for my daughter. If you are considering buying an old plane on Ebay then make sure you have pictures of the sides and sole plate of the plane before buying. If there are signs of cracks of welded repairs run from as fast as you can. If the rust looks very pitted it may not be possible to polish the sole as it should be done. You should be able to get a good quality plane in need of attention for around £20 to £25.

Please call 07748 630222 to discuss any requirements you have.