Blue Boar Woodworking

Items for sale

  • boxes-display-1024Small jewellery boxes
    Small jewellery boxes in a variety of woods and styles all individually hand made.
    Please note that our boxes are normally made using the same method of construction. However, there is no special pattern to the boxes. We let the timber to be used determine the size of the box. Sometimes the pattern on the wood, such as when using walnut, will point to certain point of cut, sometimes with width of the available timber will determine how wide the box will be.
    Take a look at the range of boxes we have on offer.
  • file-handles-displayWooden file handles
    We offer a range of turned wooden file handles in Ash and Beech wood. These file handles are individually turned.
    Because of the individuality of manufacturing all sizes will be approximate and the profiles may differ slightly from one handle to another. All handles are finished with 2 or 3 coats of shellac polish and finished with a coating of high quality wax. This is to give the handles some protection from dirt and grime impregnating the wood itself. The handles will need to be drilled before fitting the file or rasp.
  • Mighty MalletWooden joiners mallets
    We offer a range of hand made wooded joiners / carpenters mallets. Our large mallet we call the Mighty Mallet and weighs in at around 32 ounces (890g), our small mallet we call the Mini Mallet and weight in at around 9 ounces (250g). Finished with linseed oil.
  • Wooden chopping boards
    We currently have a small number of Birch wood chopping boards in different sizes. Sizes given are approximate measurements. These items are already oiled and ready for use.